Welcome to My Puppy Class

Congratulations! By training your new puppy you have made the first step towards building a happy and lasting bond with your dog. This material was developed when I taught a Puppy Basics class. It was geared towards puppies who had not attended puppy kindergarten or had any structured training. During the six weeks they were in class most of them moved from being youngsters to teenagers.

From the category menu or the Tag Cloud you can access articles and skill sheets to help you practice, learn trainers’ tips, find resources and fun activities you can do with your dog.

Here are some guiding principles:

You are your dog’s advocate. You are the person he trusts to keep him safe. If you think a training technique or piece of equipment  is not safe for your dog, you can say No.

Whatever behavior you reward will be repeated.

Socialization only counts if its a good experience.

Always bring treats.

Keep practice sessions short. If you pup responds to your cues correctly then take a play break. If things go wrong, it was not the dog’s fault.

Most important? Never ask a dog to watch your food.

For more help contact me at dogtraining@rockindogz.com

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