Steps to Successful Greetings

Greeting People in your house

Manage the behavior by putting your dog on leash, in his crate, or confined in another room when visitors enter. Once everyone is seated and the initial excitement is over, you may choose to let your dog join the group.

Train an alternate behavior

  1. Teach your dog to go to a designated spot, a rug or mat, several feet away from the door. With practice your dog can learn that the sound of the doorbell is the signal to go to his spot.
  2. Teach your dog to run get a toy when the doorbell sounds.

Greeting People when out for a walk

Manage the behavior by asking your dog to Sit before petting.

Train your dog to greet people by touching the person’s hand with his nose. If your dog does not want to approach the person, do not force him.

Greeting Dogs

Dog to dog greetings on leash are seldom a good idea.

  1. If you decide to allow an on leash greeting, keep it very brief; just as long as it takes to say “Say hello, time to go”. Prolonged greetings on leash can become tense even if they start out well.
  2. Interrupt by moving or calling your dog away before either dog can change his mind. Do not move your dog away from another by pulling on the leash.

It is your right to say No to greeting another dog. Your job is to protect your dog. If you have any misgiving about another dog simply say your dog is not feeling well today and continue on your way.