Helping You Succeed

Group classes are great.  You get to meet other puppy people; perhaps set up play dates for your pups; share resources and ideas. Your pup learns to focus on you despite the distraction of other dogs in class.

But sometimes you might need some additional help. I offer this in a variety of ways.

Tune up sessions. Maybe you just need some extra practice with one or two skills. You can schedule this at your convenience. Get a few friends together and host a Reliable Recall session in your yard. Like a class but with no long term commitment!

One-to-one coaching.  Some people are visual learners and find it most helpful to have someone demonstrate each skill with their dog.  I will work directly with your dog as you observe, then prompt you as you practice the skill.

Private training. Some behaviors need to be addressed in your home where it is happening. I can come to your home or coach you by video. I will show you how to apply the skills you’ve learned in class into your home routine. I can also offer strategies to manage problem behavior. You can schedule these sessions as needed on any time frame that suits you. Sometimes only one session is needed.

You can contact me at


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